About Business Advisors Cyprus

Business Advisors Cyprus

We are a dynamic and customer oriented business team, working towards satisfying the needs and wants of the modern company, offering comprehensive corporate services, supporting them in an efficient and professional manner so their operations in Cyprus have a positive outcome.

Our business scope is to combine all the activities that a new or existing company needs, with specialized knowledge and finest practices, in order to meet their objectives successfully. Corporate services include advices and practices in the area of financial management and accounting, legal, management, real estate, tourism and leisure and investments in numerous sectors.

Our Mission

To provide to international clients, business and individuals, efficient and innovative corporate advice and solutions in pursuance of a profitable and successful presence in Cyprus. We want to ensure that we are a dedicated partner in the country.

Our Values and Beliefs

  • We act in a respectful manner
  • Dedication to the success of our clients
  • We build our business relationships on trust, honesty, quality and personal care

Our Culture

We are a creative and strong company consisting of a positive team. We create long lasting partnerships with our clients based on integrity. We work with enthusiasm in a serious and professional orientated manner with good communication skills. It is important to us to emphasize our client’s demands.

Customer Care

The importance of fulfilling our customer’s expectations is our priority. We ensure that our business will have dedicated clients and we take all reliable and effective measures to achieve it. We analyze, understand and support our clients activities and we use all methods to ensure that will be successful.

Value for Money (VfM)

We are commited to delivering value for money as an integral part of our strategy.We make sure that our clientele obtain maximum benefit from our services in respect of quality, cost and effectiveness.

Our Associates

Each member of our team is a specialist in their field in order to be constructive so that the client’s objectives are met. They have the knowledge and skills to examine situations and to ensure that quality and value will be given via our services provided to the client. They provide prompt solutions required in the demanding and complex environment that businesses operate in. Our Russian executive is expanding our services in accordance to our objectives to serve our Russian clients better.